Conference room- This room is suitable for all of your meeting and conferencing requirements.There is a large conference table seating 14 people and there is an additional side table seating 5. The room is equipped with laptop, projector and whiteboard from £20 per hour.


Auditorium- Complete with surround sound and a digital projector to give your presentation the full effect, this room seats up to 60 please enquire for prices and availability.

IC17/18 Classroom- This room was originally designed as two classrooms but may be opened to be one big room that can hold up to 60. The two Classrooms are equipped with computer/projector and white board facilities from £40 per hour.


IC16 Design Studio-  This is a room that is ideal for meetings/seminars. It can seat up to 30 people and is equipped with computer, projector and whiteboard facilities. It has a conference style table and separate tables which are ideal for group work. This room can also be setup with laptops for courses which require individual work stations, Prices from £20 per hour for room hire. Please note laptops are an additional charge, please enquire for further details.

Board room/Meeting room- Ideal for a small group, this room holds up to 8, the room is equipped with computer, projector and white board from £15 per hour.

We also offer refreshments and buffet services at an additional cost, please enquire for costings







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